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Latin Trading Worldwide LLC starts the activities in August 22nd , 2008 as a trader woking with Sugar cane, Fish,  frozen poultry, beef and pork.

We source our food products from leading suppliers and producers from Brazil, Argentina and Europe  and export them to a growing list of international markets. Our client base includes large and medium-sized importers, wholesalers, importers, processing plants and distributors.

For our clients, we offer a solid combination of high-quality products at the best prices - and our real value is our expertise. Every day, we help our clients by providing them with the best solutions, the best information, and expertise from both sides of the business: import and export.

Why we are better:

Since August 22nd , 2008 as a company, we are young - yet the combined experience of our international team of executives makes us a trusted and seasoned expert in our field. There is an advantage that we are a young company: we can offer our clients more. We are flexible, resourceful and eager to serve. We have left the bureaucracy and cumbersome corporate systems behind. Instead, we have streamlined and developed high-tech systems that enable us to respond quickly and effectively to our clients' needs.

We understand our clients' needs because we have been in their shoes. We have experience as importers, as international trade officers with governments, and as business executives. We are multicultural and multilingual.

How our clients benefit:

We know that time is money - particularly in the world of food. We focus our efforts on providing superior client service while offering the best prices by maximizing efficiency throughout the distribution chain - from the grower or plant to our clients. Efficiency saves both time and money, and benefits our clients directly.

We always search for the best solutions for our clients. Every day, we use our global resources and the latest technology to source new products and find efficient ways to meet our clients' needs. Our cutting-edge logistics software allows us to monitor every container at all times - from source to destination - to ensure that our clients receive their purchases on time, on budget and in perfect condition. We are established with offices in Brazil and Europe to provide the best service to our clients.

We are as familiar with the global food market as we are with the smallest details - the complex paperwork, the rules and regulations, and the government resources available to importers and exporters. This through expertise allows us to help our clients save money and time every day.

We project steady long-term growth and we plan to stay a few steps ahead of our competition.

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